Tap pool league schedule

With TAP you always have a choice. We're proud to offer 8 different formats of league play to our members. Keeping you in the game and entertained with friends and family. We'll be providing a l ink with a short description of each format to help you make your choice. Thank you for choosing TAP for your night out.

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Meanwhile click on image to view them all. Together we make it happen leading the industry to a vision that it has never experienced until TAP.

Would you like to learn more about how to join, Read More. Think you might have the right stuff Read More. Are you looking for a fresh start for your customers? If you don't have TAP in your location feel free to contact us and we can show you how easy it is to bring great entertainment to your league player. You could win one of our "Host Location Lights" available in a number of colors. Great things happening on the TAP Homefront. Another great TAP Nationals to look forward to.

Keep your eyes open for more information to come! Find our Pages Here McDermott Check It Out! Location Owner Host Locations Are you looking for a fresh start for your customers?League pool is played in a number of locations around the world and unfortunately a number of different rules. TAP has put together what we feel to be fair rules to guide you towards quality entertainment our league wishes to represent. We feel winning by skill and not a rule along with good sportsmanship sums up our general guidelines of league play.

Our General Guideline booklet for 8-ball and 9-ball takes this into account and has been designed with the player in mind and sized for easy storage in your cue case.

Distribution of this booklet is available to you in a printable version shown below or to be purchased in a pack at our online store. TAP Corporate also provides all teams one free rulebook every year through your local league representative. Due to the time of the yearly printing of our 8-ball and 9-ball booklet ball and Scotch Doubles will not be added to our General Guideline Booklet until summer of next year.

However you can view and print from the below area. You will need Adobe Reader software to view these rule books.


It's a free download. Click the graphic. Rules Helper. Find our Pages Here League Rules.TAP Rule Book. Due to circumstances there will be no league until further notice. Updates will be given as situation changes. Sending prayers for you and your family members!!

NTL-Tap vs APA Promo Video

Please note the date change of this event!!!! TAP is the only league in the world that offers this kind of hi tech score keeping!!

No more keeping score in dark locations and not being able to see the score sheet. No more paper and pens or faxing and emailing them to your league operator. A simple click of the button and it's sent from your smart phone, tablets or Ipads. To download, click the image below for the device you are looking for. Android Device. Apple Device. Wanted: I am looking to hire a Division Representative s to assist me in obtaining and monitoring teams in Allegheny, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

Candidate s must have a solid understanding of TAP League rules and regulations, have transportation and excel in the customer service and public relations aspects of TAP League. If interested, please contact me at: or For your convenience as requested! Web Hosting by StartLogic.We appreciate your patience while we have been monitoring the situation and determining the best course of action.

Keeping the health and safety of our Super Billiards Family is of paramount concern in these uncertain times. While we could wait two weeks and assess the current climate like many others are doing, the nature of our event requires a large amount of preparation and travel from Exhibitors, players, and fans alike. Waiting two weeks will leave us a mere two weeks from show time, which would be too late for many to make the necessary arrangements — so, we have elected to be proactive and make the call now.

Keeping people home and safely away from others who may unknowingly be infected is the safe shot.

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None of us knows what the future may hold — but at least now we all know that the next Super Billiards Expo will be June! We are confident that the Covid situation will be under better control by then, ensuring the safety of our guests traveling in from around the world. We look forward to having you join us on these new dates — entries will be carried over, unless we hear otherwise from you.

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In addition to all of the Exhibitors and assorted Amateur Events, you can also come down and watch the best players in the world compete in multiple Professional events. In addition to all of the Exhibitors and multiple Pro Events, you can sign up to compete in any of our signature Amateur Players Championship Events! We are proud to be the longtime home of this fun and challenging event.

The Super Billiards Expo has earned its reputation as the largest consumer-oriented tradeshow in the industry by continually uniting the finest manufacturers, retailers, and custom cue makers in the billiards world with the fans, professionals, merchants, and the buying public.

Players, Exhibitors, TAP members, Friends, and family of the Super Billiards Expo, We appreciate your patience while we have been monitoring the situation and determining the best course of action. If you are a vendor and cannot make these dates, please contact us and we will discuss options. Stay tuned to our website and our facebook page for future updates. We appreciate your patience and hope you all stay safe in the coming days.

Allen Hopkins Allen Hopkins Productions.

Pool Tournaments

Pro Players Championship Events In addition to all of the Exhibitors and assorted Amateur Events, you can also come down and watch the best players in the world compete in multiple Professional events.

Jump to a division below for more details:. Join our email list for occasional updates. Want to get real mail in your real mailbox? Click here to signup.TAP Las Vegas offers a wide array of local and national 8-ball and 9-ball pool tournaments for every skill level. Scroll down to read more and register for these events! All tournaments require pre-registration except the tri-annual local Rally save money by pre-registering and junior tournaments. Call us at for more information! We are the league that takes you places with exciting destinations like Orlando, New Orleans, Nashville and more!

Play league to qualify and win your way to the top! Call us at to join or for more information. TAP X features an 8-ball format without handicaps. The event is being held at the Newly Renovated Palace Station! Scotch doubles is a very interactive format, which allows continuous talk between the two players. Teams must have atleast 10 matches played together. Rub elbows with the pros. Join us for a grand vacation!

Call Scott and Tina at and let us know if you want to be a part of this unique experience. Rally offers a Dream Team competition and singles events for all skill levels.

Registration coming soon. Join the league that takes you places! The Vegas Masters State Championship tournaments have been a team favorite since Teams earn their place in these 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments. About players look forward to and mark their calendars, taking time off from work and their busy schedules to compete in these annual events.

Winning teams from each tournament are crowned Nevada State Champions and are given the opportunity to take their skills forward and compete at Nationals. Winning players from these tournaments win a travel package and advance to compete at Nationals!

Click here to read more.

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Our National pool tournaments are held in a different city every year every fall, giving teams and players the opportunity to vacation and play pool in some great destinations. Other special incentives offered for participation and placing, free poker tournament every other Saturday, great food, darts and electronic video games. We advertise all of our host location tournaments. If you have a tournament to advertise, click here to send me an e-mail with all of the information to be posted.

If you are a host location and would like us to link to your site, click here to send us an email. Attach your logo and provide the web address for your website.PoolNet is where all of the player's standings, handicaps and so much more are calculated and displayed.

Players can see:. The more data entered, the more interesting and helpful the results are. Who's the best in all of TAP League?

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Who has the most break and runs this year to date? Players can find this and more in PoolNetour state of the art statistical reporting and handicap tool. To see "Who's The Best," select the option on the left sidebar no login required.

Worcester County Tap League

The Start Date will default to one year prior to the date you are running the report. The Start Date cannot be any date before one year. Watch the video below to learn about viewing your personal statistics aka Scout Module and read more below.

tap pool league schedule

A login is required to see these statistics. The Member Scout individual player statistics provides the statistics detailed below.

Select 8-ball, 9-ball or ball. Select a date range or leave it blank to see your entire history. The Edit Personal Information provides players with the ability to update all of their contact information.


There are 5 weighted categories that give players across the U. Click here to read more. To view the schedules, you must have Adobe Reader.

tap pool league schedule

Click here to down load a FREE copy. Your browser must also be up-to-date to support PoolNet. Click here for the newest version of Firefox or click here for the newest version of Internet Explorer.

tap pool league schedule

If you are a host location and would like us to link to your site, click here to send us an email. Attach your logo and provide the web address for your website. All that we ask is that you reciprocate by adding a link back to our website. Individual Stats aka Scout Module Request a login for Individual Stats PoolNet is where all of the player's standings, handicaps and so much more are calculated and displayed.This is not pool related, but the American Legion Riders chapter that I am a member of is hosting a dinner.

This is actually a league for the players, as no other league gives back as much as we do. We pay 1st, 2nd and 3rd place locally in prize money which equals about 3x what the other national leagues pay out!

For a team to qualify for nationals you only have to win first place in your local divisional play-offs!

tap pool league schedule

Are you tired of breaking your team up every few months? Are you tired of low pay outs? Are you tired of the long shot odds to play at nationals?

Are you tired of being over handicapped? Are you tired of the same old place national location? Are you tired of the same old routine? Do you need a change in your billiard league? This list is current and does not include this session. Sundays in The Chicago 8 Ball Qualifier division is up in poolnet. Please check your roster for players as it is the roster you placed 1st, 2nd 3rd or 1st place bottom tier wild card with.

This may be different than your current roster! If you qualified in more than one session Okay Players Doors open at Noon, Captains meeting atplay starts promptly at Just so everyone understands, corporate has made changes to what The league pays airfare, hotel and entry for first place Scratched 'n Felt, top pic.

Great job guys!! Worcester County Tap League. Have you been thinking about another pool league to compete in?

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